June 17 - Let The Party Begin

Our flight didn’t leave Austin until 4:20, so we had plenty of time to pack in this morning before we left. It felt a little weird to pack the day of our trip. We flew Southwest and had no problems. LAX seems to be an easy airport to get in and out of. Our bags were some of the first to come off the plane and we were off to the car rental very quickly. The freeway didn’t seem too bad today...about like any city.

We called Kyle and found out where to meet them for dinner. We arrived at The Social about the same time as everyone else. We had a great dinner visiting with Kyle, Bryt, the Pianas, Bryt’s grandparents, sister, cousin and Bryce. We had a great evening laughing and getting to know everyone. We drove over to the Piana’s house after dinner and changed our hotel plans. We ended up checking in at the Marriot in Simi Valley. I should have made the reservation there from the start. Much more convenient.

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