June 20 - The Wedding

The big day! Griffin and Stan went to the Piana’s house for breakfast and an old fashion shave. I spent the morning just hanging out in the room, checking emails, ironing suits and visiting with Eric and Courtney.

Courtney did my hair before we left for the ranch. The wedding site was just beautiful. The photographer started taking pictures of our family around 3:30, and we visited with family until the ceremony.

The wedding was perfect and everything was beautiful. Brytanie’s mom did a fantastic job. It was the prettiest wedding I have ever been to. The ranch and every detail was great. What a wonderful beginning for Brytanie and Kyle. I didn’t want the day to end.

The Bridesmaids
Brytanie and Emma
Cynthia and Tom
Sisters - Cassey, Brytanie and Macall
Brothers - Kyle and Eric
Eric and Courtney
The Marshall's
The Groomsmen
Susie and Stan
The wedding begins
The bride is arriving
Brytanie arrives
The Ceremony
The Kiss
Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Marshall
Just Married

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