June 19 - The Rehearsal

It's Daddy’s 80th birthday, I wish they could have been here so we could celebrated his big day. The day started out great, Eric called and they were in Austin in plenty of time for their flight. A few hours later he calls and their flight was delayed. He made other arrangement to get to LA, but got delayed again in El Paso. They were 5-6 hours late arriving, so the best man missed the rehearsal dinner. Brent was nice and went to the airport to pick them up.

After lunch we still had to make a run to the airport to pick up a friend of Brytanie’s. The traffic was heavy going in, but horrible coming back. It took us four hours to make the round trip. I thought I was going to go crazy. Not the way I had planned to spend this day.

The rehearsal went well, even though we were missing the best man. The ranch was beautiful and the temperature great. We had fun visiting with everyone. The caterers did a great job with dinner and everything went smoothly. It was nice to get word that Eric and Courtney were in town and had their luggage. I could finally relax and enjoy myself.

After dinner the girls hung out at the ranch and the guys had a poker night at another location. Earline, Kelley and I stayed for awhile and watched the girls have eyelashes put on. It was nice to have the time to visit with Bryt's family. Griffin and Stan picked us up around midnight. Griffin slept on the sleeper sofa in our living room.

The Rehearsal
The Groom
The Wedding Party
The Fathers
The Happy Couple
A little encouragement
The Dinner
Brtyanie Brytanie and Kelley at the girl's party
More reheasal photos

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