June 30 - Heading Home

Time to head home, we had a wonderful vacation. The weather has been fantastic...it was a lot of fun to spend so much time outside. It really is beautiful in California. No wonder so many people live there.

I did the last minute packing and we left for the airport early. It took us a little longer to go through security so we were glad we had plenty of time. They went through all of our carry on…what a pain.

Everything seemed to be going well until we were on the plane and the door had shut....then the pilot came on and said they had to do a little maintenance on the plane before we could leave! They couldn’t have left us in the terminal while they did that? Two hours later we were finally on our way. Second trip in a row with United and second time we have been delayed...I will think twice before booking with them again.

It felt good to be back home....except for the HEAT!

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